Meet Eugene


Our hospice and palliative service are renowned for providing comfort, love, dignity and peace of mind to patients in the comfort of their own home or skilled facility of their choice with a passion second to none.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to help reach non-music goals. Physical, emotional, spiritual and many other areas can be addressed through music therapy services.

Family Owned

Heritage Hospice is a family-owned hospice that takes pride in providing our patients with comfort, dignity and peace either in the comfort of their own home or in a facility of their choice in the greater Pittsburgh area.


The vision was of a company that truly recognized their greatest asset which is their employees. Excellent employees are what separate good organizations from excellent organizations and recognizing those employees is just as important.


Community Focused

Secondly, their vision is to have a company that is so involved within the local community that it is truly known as the hospice of choice within the surrounding Pittsburgh area and recognized as an organization that gives back to the local community.